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Texas Plant

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History of Phoenix Recycling

Phoenix Plastic Recovery, LLC is wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Xinyate Electronics Co., Ltd., China.

Phoenix Plastic forth see the importance of recycling. We purchased an exiting recycling factory in Spring Valley, Illinois in 2014. We have worked hard to keep the existing purchasing post industrial plastic scrap, process the material in our Spring Valley, Illinois plant and sell reprocessed resins. Our scrap vendors rely on us to provide a continuous outlet with competitive prices and effective process to handle the low and comingle scraps to recycle from letting the scrap to landfill. Our customers reply on us to supply them with high quality recycled feedstock.

After we established, we designed and purchased two most advanced machines for carpet recycling from South Korea. We are shredding/producing over 600,000 lbs of pure nylon per month. With our know-how, we able to take away 2,000,000 lbs of wasted carpet from the landfill. While keep training more skillful workers, we expect to increase the production to 1,500,000 lbs per month.

Besides, the nylon productions, we will be moving onward the next stage of recycling the backing of the carpet which our Tiainjin office will put a team of research people to develop with our USA operation.

In addition to our current development. We have a separate operation of washing blended post Industrial scrap from various manufacturers who did landfill all the scrap. With our washing operation, we invented an know-how to separate various polymers in four stages which recycled the various polymers for our reputable clients worldwide. This process needs the technician supervised by our teams of experts from Tianjin hehe operation has to be in the USA as China is no more a cheap labor region. The cost of custom and cost of labor does not give any better condition to us, but under deep consideration we decided to establish the USA operation. We can acquire more  knowledge and expand our worldwide regional coverage.